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Berlin craftsmanship with attention to detail


For people who value sustainable manual work.

Never before has the consumption of goods been higher than today. You buy something, it brakes and you buy it again.

But who still remembers these very special, personal pieces of furniture?

This dining table, which accompanies family evenings for decades.

This cupboard where grandma has always hidden the candy. And that stool you had to climb up to secretly steal some chocolate.


Our designer furniture is made from the noblest types of solid wood so that they can be preserved for generations with the right care.

In the process, each design is lovingly and sustainably made. The transitions of the wood grains are as seamless as if the table tops were one piece.


As we care a lot about nature our products are natural and without petroleum. Our goal is to beautify your home for the next generations with the handcraft of today. We stand for quality furniture that become part of the family again and creates wonderful memories.





Looking for a unique piece of furniture?

Do you want a dining table, bed or chair made just for you?

Contact us.

We advise you gladly and totally non-committal

Vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage!

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